The angel of hungry people: Aarushi Batra

The angel of hungry people: Aarushi Batra
Aarushi Batra
Social Media Head, Robin Hood Army

There are more than 850 Million hungry people out there, but we can only reach a few of them. Helping a few dozen people wasn’t enough for Aarushi. She wanted to feed as many mouths as she could and for that sole purpose, along with her 3 friends she founded Robin Hood Army. As the name suggests, this volunteer-based organization aims at providing surplus food to the less fortunate.  The volunteers of this organization collect food from restaurants and weddings, pack it with proper hygiene and distribute it among the poor. Robin Hood Army is spread over 60 cities and provided food to over 5 million people world wide. Aarushi Batra along with her 14000 robins are constantly setting new benchmarks and do not believe in dwelling on their past success.

Robin Hood Academy is a bridge between the kids on the streets and schools. They impart basic primary education and use that as a tool to condition the minds of the kids and parents that studying/sending your kid to a school is paramount. Arushi loves to travel and her passport proves it. She has visited over 40+ cities across India and around the world and yet her penchant for exploring new cities and food doesn’t see an end. In her free time, Aarushi enjoys writing for her lifestyle blog and her half written romantic novel.

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