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Every life before entering the realm of the Earth is destined with certain purpose. It’s nothing less to discover this and to act accordingly, being a moral for others. It sounds literally inhuman to influence others by ones story. But they are well rejuvenated with self confidence and personal attributes after continuous failures to conquer their own world. People believe they are one among many. But watching and encouraging is not always ones forte. Your perspective and talents do matter. Existyou is here with an ideology to recognize you as your inner self. It is pure happiness that returns after it’s discovery and reflecting the same over others.

Aspire to inspire before the expiry. Exist You is a platform to depict creative content thereby enhancing your inner spark to reach a different dimension. Here we flaunts true stories of successful entrepreneurs who have been an inspiration with their real life.

Starting up this as a small idea, we concentrated on travelogues initially. Analysing the importance and influence of successful people among the youth, we ultimately landed up with the thought of extending over diverse topics including revolutionary stories, success stories, entrepreneurship, health, motivational, etc. We constitute of you and two busy scheduled engineers from Kerala, purely with the intention of spreading goodness through stories in both english and malayalam mediums. We try to keep things simple, vibrant and most importantly positive.

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