The journey of “Ajmi foods” to become No 1 brand: Every small business has its own dignity.


Ajmi Food Products was established in 1994 at elappunkal, Erattupetta, Kottayam for the production and sale of food products across Kerala. High-quality rice products, spice powders, etc are marketed trough ajmi food products since 1994.

Ajmi, which starts off small, has become a major food brand in Kerala. A brand that started as a grocery store in Kottayam in 1994, went on to become one of the favorite brands in Malayalis’ kitchen. Ajmi that grew slow and steady within the last 25 years by making steam-made puttu powder now has a turnover of 100 crores.

The entrepreneurial journey of Ajmi began selling homemade dried rice flour and puttu powder to neighbours. The story of Ajmi that conquered local, state and global markets with its quality product will surprise anyone.

Ajmi Flour Mills (India) Private Limited Director RASHID K.A. explains that, as a food brand, Ajmi has been recognized for its quality and hygiene. Right from the stage of collecting rice, Ajmi assures quality. Rice collected from selected farmers will reach the mills. Without any human touch, it is roasted, powdered, and packed using the ‘most advanced technology. Customized technology and machinery are used for the purpose.

Ajmi foods

Ajmi is not aimed for money or fame but to make good products. In these 25 years, Ajmi captured markets as an iconic brand overcoming many challenges. To realize their father’s dreams, three sons joined the business after education. Modernization was brought into production and the brand found a place in outside markets. Today, Ajmi controls more than 50% of the total market in Kerala. But that branding didn’t happen over a fortnight.

South Indian actress Bhavana as the brand ambassador in 2015. Ajmi is also trying to introduce complete organic masala powders and liquid detergent solutions in the market.

key to the success
  1. Gave much attention to the quality of the element.
  2. Maintained quality constantly by Using highly advanced farming. production side paying more attention while purchasing products.
  3. Continuously check the quality of the product
  4. Appointed 75% of the workforce is female.

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