Filmi villain has turned out to be the real-life hero: Sonu Sood


Sonu sood has been helping thousands of migrant workers, stranded by the Covid-19 lockdown in Mumbai, return home.

Sonu sood: Filmi villain has turned out to be the real-life hero

“It gave me sleepless nights when I saw visuals of people walking hundreds of kilometers to reach their villages,” the actor told.

India announced a sudden lockdown on 24 March, leaving migrants within the lurch.

Millions found themselves without jobs or even a source of income. And with state borders sealed and trains and buses suspended, thousands of men, women, and youngsters were left with no other option but to steer , sometimes quite 1,000km (620 miles) to reach home.

More than 100 have also died – either in accidents or through sheer exhaustion.

Sood, who won prestigious awards for his role as a wily villain within the 2010 superhit Dabangg, has worked with a number of Bollywood’s biggest names like Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, and Aishwarya Rai.

For the past two months, the actor, along side his childhood friend Niti Goel, has been actively involved in helping people impacted by the lockdown.

Sonu sood: Filmi villain has turned out to be the real-life hero

“We started in March by distributing food, we started with 500 packets of cooked meals and groceries. Today we are distributing food and groceries a day to 45,000 people in slums, those stranded on the roads and people walking on the highways,” Sood told me over the phone from Mumbai.

And since 11 May, he has arranged many buses to require stranded migrants home.

The actor has been sending migrants home and also feeding the daily wage workers who are most suffering from the pandemic. He has also donated quite 1,500 PPE kits and provided his Mumbai hotel for the accommodation of the medical forces. Sood has been earning many blessings from all round the country for his selfless service.

Also, on Friday, Sonu Sood airlifted over 170 girls stuck in Kerala amid the coronavirus lockdown. Rajya Sabha MP Amar Patnaik tweeted about Sonu’s initiative of airlifting the Odia girls, “Sonu SoodJi, you’re helping the Odia girls to return safely from Kerala is commendable. Kudos to your noble efforts. It’s incredible to ascertain how you’re helping the needy reach their homes safely. More strength to you”.

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