Founders of “Verth” that promotes a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle


Shreya and Renata, both 27 years old, became friends at university in Mumbai and had worked together early in their careers at a PR firm. After Renata moved to Jaipur, the two remained connected through social media, and last year, a conversation about sustainable lifestyle sparked a common desire to start their own business in this sector.

Renata had been using organic products and has consciously reduced her plastic consumption for nearly three years while Shreya was passionate about reducing plastic usage and adopting sustainability. Over several months of discussion, the two quit their jobs, and Shreya moved with Reneta to Jaipur to start Verth – that derives its name from ‘We are Earth’.

Verth offers its consumers a subscription-based box that enables them to adopt sustainable practices without burning a hole in their pockets. The founder’s claim that the Verth Box’ is India’s first eco-friendly and zero plastic subscription box. It is a bi-monthly delivered subscription box curated with five-six handpicked eco-conscious products from sustainable brands and homegrown artisans.

Box of “green” surprises

Founders of Verth - Renata Millett
Renata Millett 
Founders of Verth - Shreya Kothari
Shreya Kothari

The two-person team of Shreya and Renata handle all the operations of the bootstrapped brand with help from friends and family.

After starting operations in February 2020, the duo has sold over 200 boxes to their first subscription batch. The first box was to help consumers quickly make a switch from their daily plastic and toxin-based essentials and included a bamboo toothbrush, metal straws, shampoo bars, a tote bag, and organic body butter.

It is carefully curated, and the products are used by Shreya and Renata before they make their way into the box. The duo has a strict checklist to ensure the products and brands are eco-friendly, plastic-free, cruelty-free, economical, paraben, and toxin-free and adheres to safety and fair trade practices.

The brand also customises boxes for gifting to individuals, corporates and as wedding gifts and favours. 

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