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People are incredibly crazy that they spend a lot time wasting in search of magic tips to entrepreneurial success while the actual path stares at them. Opportunities and ideas are never materialized out at a sudden. There are numerous ways to become successful if you are about to perceive entrepreneurship and in the end you will get to know how. Mr. J.M.Bilal one of the young entrepreneur from Kerala, India is the founder and CEO of four different firms with an endorsement of Innovative Businessman award.

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You never could have met a naughty, lazy boy creating such a nuisance and headache to family and school authorities, but he was one. A below average student with zero talents, inactive at extracurricular activities, who even failed at his early high schools and acquired a bundle of arrears at an early age. Out of his extra ordinary behavior one of his teachers separated him with granting special space at the corner of the class, banning him from contact with classmates, library, PT periods, etc. which made him low and depressed than before. The only vision he could hope at each and every Parents meeting is his mother weeping as the after effect of hearing endless complaints about her son. She was fed up and one fine day she asked him, “Would I ever be able to feel happy or proud of my son?” He was broken and could assure nothing. A boy with nickname; stupid, failed at his lower division classes had no words in return but a strong mind that he would do something to make her words true. He pursued business studies at his 12th class due to his fondness in marketing as he used to rent comic books to his friends. He was fired and blamed many times. He could only afford minimum marks to pass Business studies.

Once he ran into one of the Steve Jobs book ‘I, Steve’, which he completed within a day. But I must say, people with such a reading skill is far brilliant than those with higher marks. To read on a stretch one needs a good author and a relentless mind. Sometimes reading moulds a better you. Mr. Bilal then made his mind to transform his life to contribute something to this world. Everybody is inbuilt with this power and unfortunately nobody discovers their very own self. Thinking about the same with no creative skills, he just discovered his passion of business and decided to try his luck in the stock market. Of course, nobody would support such a guy in taking chance in such a huge field. His family did the same but he managed to borrow an amount of Five thousand Rupees. But he was rejected by the broker while he approached for opening an account due to his age. No, he won’t give up and got it done with his mothers’ credentials. He joined A.J.College of Science and Technology for Bachelors degree in Business/Commerce. In between, acquiring knowledge from the internet, books, etc. he increased the capitals and trade. After facing small failures at the initial stage, he experienced a profit of twenty lakh rupees.

If you are on a new venture you would definitely make mistakes and so did he, and lost every single penny of it. His determination never killed the fire inside. Partnering with a friend, he started an online shopping website for clothes which he bought from Bangalore, by train sitting on the stenchy third class compartment floor as he couldn’t afford more. But soon it came to an end due to lack of working capital. Blames and teases cornered him from family, friends and relatives. So that he was dogged to reach heights and ‘Do or Die’ was his only motto. He was perplexed but decided to restart from the point he failed and returned to the stock market. Researches and guidelines from experienced people accompanied him to earn a fair profit along with confidence.

That same Bilal started his first company, JBIS Securities and channel partnered with India’s top stock broker, Angel Broking at Trivandrum. During the final year of bachelor degree, his second business venture JBIS Healthcare Private Limited was established, which is a retail chain store for pharmaceuticals and medical equipments. While his friends studied, he was engrossed in meetings or discussions with employees. While others enjoyed their college life of trips and entertainments, he worked hard for his dream. While others passed out and searched for careers and jobs, he became a corporate company director. By the end of second financial year he afforded to get a turnover of around 1.4 Crore Rupees. Subsequently Ready Cure International, an online platform for pharmaceuticals based in Mumbai was launched. In concert with a friend, he started EazWay International that handles corporate events. All of his four firms are running successfully with good conduct.

The fun fact now is that he was invited with his mother as chief guest to that old school where he was punished. He believes that if you have an intense dream in life, if you can persistently work hard for it, no matter how many factors affect you, despite your situation, family background, teases, each and every temporary failure is your stepping stone towards a successful future. Nothing can deny you from going forward with an assertive dream and that the Almighty would gift you with success alone and nothing else. Now you are searching for that magic spell to success, right? Life is what you make and failure is not always final. You just require a firm determination, desire, a persistent mind to pursue your dream. Success is not a fruit to pluck or miracle to sprout after a spell. And I must say earning is not always happiness, but success is.

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