Sreelakshmi Suresh: The youngest CEO in the world at the age of 8

Sreelakshmi Suresh: The youngest CEO in the world at the age of 8
Sreelakshmi Suresh

Sreelakshmi Suresh, She became the youngest CEO in the world when she was just eight. She is the recipient of many prestigious awards such as the Golden Web Award presented by The Association of American Webmasters and National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement instituted by the government of India.

 Her entrepreneurial journey started years ago when she was at Presentation Higher Secondary School, Calicut. Yes, she became an entrepreneur even before she learned that word!

When her friends were content with snake and ladders and hide and seek, she spent her leisure time on computers. But certainly not for games! What started as a hobby turned out be her career. From her early school days itself, designing websites was as easy as ABC for her.

Started Designing At School

I started web designing as a hobby and designed my first website for my school when I was in third standard,” says Sreelakshmi. The website that she created was launched when Sreelakshmi was in fourth standard. That was the milestone in her life.

“After the website launch, I got numerous orders from across the globe. However, many of them were not genuine. They just sent enquiry out of curiosity because I was still a kid. People advised me to set up my own business to bring a serious nature to my work. That’s how eDesign, my company, was born,” she recollects.  

Reason For Success?

She credits her success to her hardwork and passion for what she is doing. “I don’t have any habit that brings to success. I spend time designing websites only because I love this. The experience I gained over the years might have given me the potential to move ahead,” she says.

The most interesting part of her entrepreneurial journey is the new challenges. “I get new challenges every day. Every project is different from one another. So I have to work hard to bring uniqueness in every project.  This is indeed interesting and challenging at the same time. Above all, it helps learn new trends in technology,” she opines.

Sreelakshmi finds inspiration in the words of Napoleon. “Victory is not always winning the battle…but rising every time you fall” is her favourite quote. Sreelakshmi hitches her wagon to a star as she would like to see herself as an integral part of the IT industry in the future. She is the daughter of Adv Suresh Menon and Mrs. Viju Suresh.

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