The rescuer of animals: Zabi Khan’s sanctuary for injured animals in Hyderabad

The rescuer of animals zabi khan
Animal rights activist
National youth icon 2018

Zabi’s journey of animal rescuing started early on, at the age of 13, when he picked up a sick puppy who eventually passed away. Even then, he couldn’t understand why the puppy deserved a death like that and why couldn’t its previous owners have cured the disease instead of just abandoning it. Eventually, as a student of KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology, Zabi famously convinced his college authorities to start an animal shelter in the college premises apart from starting an NGO called A Place to Bark to rescue and rehabilitate animals who were hurt, lost and abandoned. And now, he has initiated an animal rescue sanctuary in Hyderabad’s Toli Chowki, on a one-acre land due to be inaugurated among esteemed guests and celebrities. This sanctuary will strictly have no cage policy, unless an animal has a medical condition which warrants him to be in one, will have open enclosures for at least 30 dogs with huge partitions. They also plan to have a cat tree, a 500 square feet play area and eventually, a swimming pool as well. Zabi and other volunteers will rescue animals and rehabilitate them in this sanctuary.

zabi khan: youngest animal rights activis

On December 15, the first animal sanctuary in Hyderabad, called a ‘Place to Bark’ was launched on Miyakhangadda Shankarpally Road. Started by 22-year-old animal lover and rescuer, Zabi Khan, the animal sanctuary aims to provide a space for abandoned, stray, and disabled animals.

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